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About No Animal Poaching/Voice Of The Animals

What is No Animal Poaching/Voice Of The Animals?

This Community has been formed to discuss and disseminate information that will help to inform people about the daily, abundant amount of abuse, neglect, and wholesale murder of animals worldwide. Hopefully, by being more aware of this situation, informed people will then work toward helping animals regain a sense of worth and to live without being in constant fear of human activities that treat animals as commodities. In time, this site may take the next step, which is to form an organization that can help animals in a more direct, politically significant way: (1) to get animal welfare laws enacted, similar to the sexual assault laws; (2) to ban people from owning an animal once they've been convicted of abuse and/or neglect of an animal; also (3) to get a State-by-State (USA) "Registry" of convicted people of abuse and neglect of any animal. Later on, we could work toward getting such a law passed at the national level, to do the exact same thing but nationwide.

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